Jason Alan Fuller is a professional keyboardist/piano/organ player, singer/songwriter, musical director, piano teacher, harmonica player, and booking agent who lives in Athens, GA. He has a long list of playing credits to his name as both a touring and recording artist. He is available by contract for a wide variety of bookings covering a range of musical styles.


“Jason Fuller is without a doubt one of the more talented musicians in Athens, a town plumb thick with hot players. In terms of pure talent, the boy can flat play that piano (or organ or keyboards or whatever). He's also one of the most versatile, able to leap from barrelhouse boogie to nasty New Orleans swing to rollicking honky tonk to tasty jazz. He's also one of the busiest: since coming to Athens in 1996, Fuller has played with more bands than most folks have seen and by his own admission he's loved every minute of it.” –Flagpole Magazine